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The Connecticut Brewers Guild is a registered 501 c(6) non-profit trade association that was founded in June 2012 to protect and promote the interests of the fledgling craft beer scene in Connecticut. As of July 2019, the Connecticut craft beer scene boasts more than 90 operational breweries, with many more in planning. The mission of this Guild is to further promote our local breweries, move forward on Guild Member initiatives that foster profitability, advocacy, public awareness and education, and provide a voice at the state Capitol representing the interests of all of Connecticut’s craft breweries. We are tirelessly working towards making Connecticut a premier craft beer destination, not only in the Northeast, but across the country.

Membership to the CT Brewers Guild is open to Operating Breweries, Breweries in Planning, Associate Members, Allied Trade Organizations, Suppliers, Distributors, and more! By becoming a member, you are contributing to our mission to protect and promote the craft beer scene in the state.

We are truly grateful for the support from all of our members and the public who in return support these businesses.


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